Executive Summary

Upon the completion of the Strategic Plan, the Board of Directors of the Center for Strategic Planning engaged in an initial evaluation process to determine the Center's priorities. In order to stay focused on the most pressing strategic issues in the community, the Board continues to evaluate the initiatives and adjusts priorities as needed. Additional information is located within this website. Some highlights of our work to date are:

  • Efforts continue to expand economic development recruitment to include Retail Recruitment. All four government communities have passed TADs which adds a financing tool for recruitment. With retail leakage average of $8 million, retail development has opportunities in Troup County. The Chamber of Commerce will be the lead organization for recruitment efforts.
  • The fast track training program, Troup Trained gives needed skills to workers facing barriers to getting into the workplace. This program has become a model training program and is being duplicated in surrounding counties. West Georgia Technical College is the lead partner in the Troup Trained program which is funded by WIA. Classes are usually scheduled in the Spring and Fall. For more information on Troup Trained click here or e-mail us at trouptrained@troupco.org
  • In an effort to combat the rising poverty rate in Troup County, the Center for Strategic Planning continues to provide financial and human resources to support Circles for Troup County.

    Today, more than 20% of the people in the County live at or below the Federal Poverty level, which is $23,550 for a family of four. That means that one out of every three chicldren is living in poverty. Circle of Troup County is a high impact strategy that engages the community in "owning" one of the solutions to poveryt by:

    1. Providing skills, knowledge and support to help people in poverty achieve their goals to become self-sufficient
    2. Mobilizing volunteers, community leaders and organizations
    3. Developing leadership
    4. Increasing the capacity of existing social and community services
    5. Addressing systemic barriers faced by families trying to move out of poverty

    For more information about Circles for Troup County or to find out how you can help click here

  • Thinc College and Career Academy will officially open its doors for students in August 2015. The idea of a college and career academy came through the workforce development committee when troup county’s unemployment rate was at its highest. With assistance from the center for strategic planning, the troup county school system and kia motors manufacturing georgia (kmmg) the idea gained momentum and became reality when the charter was signed in December 2013.

    The Charter School had substantial input from the business community and to date has raised more than $10 million for its endeavors to provide local employers with a prepared workforce.

    Designed to accommodate 500 students, thINC will shape students to become “work savvy” when entering the workforce or college. These students are highly desirable to businesses and colleges not only because they’re equipped with technical skills, but because they understand the soft-skills of business – a firm handshake, a strong work ethic and critical thinking skills. For more information about thINC College and Career Academy click here.

  • OneSmartCookie.jobs website was originally created as Troup County Works which has always had a great recipe for success - for both job seekers and employers. Encouraged to make the site more user-friendly for a wider audience of people, we have a new, distinctive name, identity and website to go with it. OneSmartCookie.jobs was selected after extensive brand discovery work and rounds of focus groups. This new identity and many updated features – including being mobile-friendly – allows job seekers, especially the emerging workforce, to connect with us quickly and easily.

    In addition to being a resource for jobs, the website is also a means to provide updated information with email blasts to those who are registered. With more than 250 employers and 5,000 job seekers registered on the site today, OneSmartCookie.jobs is a communication hub for workforce information.

  • The County-wide leadership from the county represented on the Strategic Planning Board has demonstrated by faithful attendance and commitment to the strategic planning process a commitment at the top levels of all organizations to work more in a coordinated manner for the benefit of the entire community.